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Fishing - Salmon, Rockfish,

Omega-3 is good for your heart... so fish your heart out on the F/V Kiwi Au   Kai  and  Kai  Moana


Sightseeing Tours

Nature and the fantastic Alaskan wildlife are yours to see! Humpback whales, Minke whales, Dall porpoise, sea lions, orca whales, brown and black bear...and they are just the large ones! Sea otters, sea lions, seals, river otter, marmot, bald eagles, oyster catchers, arctic terns, kittiwakes, and puffins as well!


Water Taxi Trips

Want to head out into some outstanding far reaches of the Prince William Sound? You can! With a boat drop off/pick up. If you want to turn it into a hiking trip, try a guided hike with an experienced Alaskan survival educator and outdoors specialist.

F/V Kiwi Au Kai F/V Kai Moana

What's in a name?

The kiwi is a native New Zealand bird and a nickname for someone who comes from New Zealand. "Au Kai" means navigator in Hawaiian and "Kai" means food in Maori. Our vessel's captain is a "kiwi" from New Zealand who has lived in Alaska for thirty eight  years and navigates the F/V Kiwi Au Kai to bring you food from the sea!

In 2019  we added  an additional  boat  to  provide  a  bit more  comfort  and  room.  “Kai Moana”  is  26’  Raider  powered  with  twin  Honda  150s.  The name you  know  means  food  in  Maori  and  Moana  means  sea.  A  perfect  name  for  our  seafood  provider!  Both  vessels  have  heated  cabins  and a  private  head,  (restroom  for  your  landlubbers).

F/V Kai Moana

F/V Kiwi Au Kai

F/V Kiwi Au Kai

F/V Kai Moana dropping Kayakers in Heather Bay.

F/V Kiwi Au Kai

F/V Kiwi Au Kai

F/V Kiwi Au Kai


Kiwi Au Kai dropping campers in Shoup Bay.

F/V Kai Moana

F/V Kiwi Au Kai

F/V Kai Moana


Kai Moana  dropping  hikers  in  Galena  Bay.

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Feel free to call or email any time with questions about availability, rates, or fishing and hiking opportunities! You may also visit us in Valdez's small boat harbor at slip M25; although we are often out and about with clients in Prince William Sound.

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